Nineteenth-Century Attitudes: Men of Science (Chemists and Chemistry)

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The essays collected in this volume include studies of the history of the word scientist and the origin of the terms of electrochemistry as developed by Faraday, with the aid of the scholars Whewell and Whitlock Nicholl.

There is also an essay on Sir John Herschel's discovery of hypo and its application to photography.

The book covers the formative period of science as a profession in England and introduces some figures of the transition to professionalism, as exemplified by Davy, Herschel, Faraday, Talbot, Whewell, and others, in terms of their work and their attitude toward it.

Author: Sydney Ross.

Title: Nineteenth-Century Attitudes: Men of Science (Chemists and Chemistry).

Publisher: Springer, 1991.

ISBN-10: 0792313089; ISBN-13: 9780792313083.

Condition: Highlighting in first chapter. 252p. Acceptable.

Hardcover. (#28045)

Keywords: William Whewell, British Science, Astronomy, Philosophy of Science, Chemistry, Physics, 19th Century Science, 19th Century History, Science Studies, STS, 0792313089, 9780792313083

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