Multi-Media: From Wagner to Virtual Reality (Uncorrected Proof).

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Foreword by William Gibson. Collection of essays on integration, interactivity, hypermedia, immersion and narrativity.

Authors include Richard Wagner, Moholy-Nagy, Billy Kluver, Norbert Wiener, J.C. R Licklider, Douglas Engelbart, John Cage, Vannevar Bush, Alan Kay, Tim Berners-Lee, Ivan Sutherland, Marcos Novak, Bill Biola, Lynn Hershman, Roy Ascott and others.

Uncorrected proof. 416p. Some B/W illustrations of the 38 are included, others show an empty box. PR sticker on back cover.

Publication's ISBN: 0393049795.

Editors: Randall Packer and Ken Jordan, Ken.

Title: Multi-Media: From Wagner to Virtual Reality (Uncorrected Proof). Norton, 2001.

Condition: Unmarked. Very Good.

Paperback. (#23159)

Keywords: Technology, Computing. History of Computers, Transdisciplinary, Interdisciplinary, Art History, Innovation, Creativity, 20th Century , Art/Science/Technology, Uncorrected Proof

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