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Kandinsky's Brain: A Monochrome Improvisation of Yellow-Red-Blue by Amy Ione.

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This original print is a monoprint (1/1), it is not a part of a series. Framed with a mat in a standard metal frame. Print measures 5 inches square. Frame measures 12x16 inches.

Sale includes a signed certificate of authenticity. Packed carefully for shipment.

Title: Kandinsky's Brain: A Monochrome Improvisation of Yellow-Red-Blue.

Artist: Amy Ione.

Date: 2005.

Original, one of a kind, mono print on archival paper.

Handmade. Original Artwork. (#27003)

Keywords: Amy Ione, Artists, Contemporary Art, American Art, Art and Geometry, Space, Form, Abstract Art, Modern Art, Visual Perception, Depth, Art and Psychology, Geometry, Handmade, Patterns, Synesthesia, Kandinsky, Original Artwork, Printmaking, Original Art

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