Jung Journal Culture & Psyche (Spring 2012, Vol 6, No. 2)

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Authors include Steve Zimmelma, Mary Hull Webster, Tereence Dawson, James Palmer, an interview with Allan Guggenbuhl as a tribute to his father Adolf Gugggenbuhl-Craid, and more.

Topics include William Blake, synchronicity, the internet as a tool for studying the collective unconscious, dreamwork, and more.

The Official Journal of the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.Section of color plates.

Editor: Dyane Sherwood.

Title: Jung Journal Culture & Psyche (Spring 2012, Vol 6, No. 2).

Publisher: C.G. Jung Institute, 2012.

Condition: Unmarked. Some bumps on cover. Good.

Paperback. (#30343)

Keywords: History of Psychology, 20th Century Psychology, Dreams, Symbols, Freudian, Jungian, Psychology, Philosophy, Myth, Collective Unconscious, History of Science, Psychiatry

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