Isis  (Volume 88.  Number 4,  December, 1997)

Isis (Volume 88. Number 4, December, 1997)

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Includes "Dead Rooms and Live Wires: Harvard, Hollywood, and the Deconstruction of Architectural Acoustics, 1900-1930" by Emily Thompson, "Marcella O'Grady Boven (1863-1950): Her Three Careers in Biology" by Margaret R. Wright, "Deception, Efficiency, and Random Groups: Psychology and the Gradual Origiination of the Random Group Design" by Trudy Dehue, "Secrets, Symbols, and Systems: Parallels between Crytanalysis and Algebra 1580-1700" by Peter Pesic.

Reviews, etc. pp597-778.

Illustrated. An International Review Devoted To The History Of Science And Its Cultural Influences.

Editor: Margaret R. Rossiter

Title: Isis (Volume 88. Number 4, December, 1997).

Publisher: University of Chicago Press, 1997.

Condition: Unmarked. Edge wear on cover. Very Good.

Paperback. (#23081)

Keywords: Psychology, Publishing, History of Science Society, Science Studies, Acoustics, Mathematics

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