Chinese Calligraphy by Wu Shu-Chen (Wu-Shuzhen)

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Wu-Shuzhen's calligraphy hangs in the Asia Art Museum of San Francisco, and in museums across the United States. Part I of a series. 8.5x11 inch booklet. Illustrated. 11p. 

Author: Richard C. M. Li. 

Title: Chinese Calligraphy by Wu Shu-Chen (Wu-Shuzhen).

Publisher: Asian Art Appraisers Association, 2007.

Condition: Unmarked. Very Good.

Booklet (Saddle Stitched). (#25010)

Keywords: Ink Painting, Asian Art, Chinese Art, Wu Shu-Chen, Wu-Shuzhen, Calligraphy, Asian Calligraphy, Artists, China, Art Exhibitions

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