Art in America (Number Two, 1961), cover

Art in America (Number Two, 1961). Section on What Should a Museum Be?

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Editorial Symposium section on What Should a Museum Be? with comments by Thomas M. Messer, Larry Aldrich, Georges Wildenstein, John Canaday, Herbert Ferber, Robert Motherwell, Edward Durell Stone, C.C. Cunningham, Edward G. Robinson, R. Sturgis Ingersoll, and the "Plus and Minus of the Building Boom" by Katherine Kuh.

Two drawings by Saul Steinberg.

Other features include London Letter: The Auction Scene by John Russell, notes toward an ideal school of fine art by Alexander Eliot, etc. 136p.


Title: Art in America (Number Two, 1961).

Condition: Unmarked. Good.

Hardcover. (#11385) 

Keywords: Museums, Contemporary Art, Art Magazine, American Art, American Studies, Architecture, 20th Century Art, John Russell, Canada, Art Journals and Magazine, Art History

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