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The Oil Pigment Processes by Bertram Cox.

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Two small illustrations and tables. List of products at the end. 49p.

The Autotype Company marketed to print publishers and printers. They specialized in photomechanical prints (using the carbon process) and later in photogravure. The firm was set up in 1868 as the Autotype Printing and Publishing Company.

In 1875 they merged with the Autotype Fine Art Company Limited to form the Autotype Company. They provided a processing service for photographers using the autotype (carbon) process under licence, and by manufacturing both the basic pigmented gelatine tissue and the transfer papers used in printing.

Author: Bertram Cox.

Title: The Oil Pigment Processes.

Publisher: The Autotype Company.

Condition: Unmarked text. Oil stain on cover. Undated. Good.

Paperback. (#30309)

Keywords: Printmaking, Art Instruction, Graphics, Design, Oil Pigment, Printing Processes, Autotype Process, Art Printing, Bertram Cox, Print Processes, Oil Pigment Print

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