Leonardo (Volume 40, Number 5, 2007), cover image

Leonardo (Volume 40, Number 5, 2007). Benoit B. Mandelbrot. 2005 Refresh Conference. ArtScience articles…

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Special section on art and climate change. Special section of papers from the 2005 Refresh Conference. ArtScience articles by Robert Root-Bernstein and Pery Burge.

Also Benoit B. Mandelbrot on "Scalebound or Scaling Shapes: A Useful Distinction in the Visual Arts and in the Natural Sciences." pp418-513.

Title: Leonardo (Volume 40, Number 5, 2007).

Publisher: MIT Press, 2007.

Condition: Unmarked. Worn cover, with bends. Acceptable.

Paperback. (#25041)

Keywords: Climate Change, Innovation, Contemporary Art, Art History, Art and Science, Robert Root-Bernstein, Fractals, Mandelbrot, Visual Arts, Natural Sciences, Global Warming, Art and Environment, Film and Media Studies, Art/Science, Technology,

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