Leonardo (Vol 9, No. 4, Autumn 1976).

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Authors include Richard Land on ESP, Bran Rodgers on the Umbrella Series, John Ward on perception of pictorial space, Naomi Boretz on Paul Klee's "um den Fisch," JJ Gibson letter on experimental aesthetics and more.

Illustrated in color and black/white. pp265-352.

Includes volume contents and author index for vol. 9.

Title: Leonardo (Vol 9, No. 4, Autumn 1976).

Publisher: Pergamon, 1976.

Condition: Unmarked. Very Good.

Paperback. (#28228)

Keywords: Contemporary Art, 20th Century Art, Op Art, Constructionism, Kinetic Art, Visual Perception, Pictorial Space, Art Education, Art/Science/Technology, Art History, Art Journals

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