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Prehistoric Architecture in Micronesia.

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 Maps on end pages. Illustrated throughout with maps, drawings, plans, and photographs. This study presents five distinctly different examples of Micronesia's ancient architecture. The sites include the extraordinary stone cities of Leluh and Nan Madol on the islands of Kosrae and Pohnpei, respectively. Other structures include the meeting houses and residences built on hexagonal stone platforms in the Yap Islands, the earth terraces and ornately decorated meeting houses of Palau, and the megalithic columns and capstones of prehistoric houses in the Mariana Islands.

Author: William N. Morgan.

Title: Prehistoric Architecture in Micronesia.

Publisher: University of Texas Press;, 1989.

ISBN-10: 0292765061; ISBN-13:  9780292765061.

Condition: Unmarked text. Dust jacket under clear plastic cover. Very Good in very good dust jacket.

Hardcover. (#30247)

Keywords: Micronesia, Architecture, Pacific Islands, Ancient History, Ancient Architecture, Environmental Design, Urban Studies, 0292765061, 9780292765061

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