Painting by Amy Ione

Knot String Theory, But … (Original Oil Painting on canvas by Amy Ione)

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 Original, evocative oil painting on canvas. Shades of blue, bronze, and white tones. Measures 42.5x18.5 inches. Oil on Canvas. Unframed. Sale includes a signed certificate of authenticity.

String theory modifies our understanding of spacetime and the gravitational force. This painting indirectly comments on the spacetime modification, which is characterized by remarkable rearrangements of its basic structure. According to the theory, this requires the fabric of spacetime to tear apart and subsequently reconnect.

Artist: Amy Ione

Title: Knot String Theory, But … (Original Oil Painting on canvas by Amy Ione).

Date: 2002.

Handmade. Original Artwork. (#28098) 

Keywords: Art and Science, Visual Perception, Amy Ione, Original Art, Contemporary Art, Painting, Art and Geometry, Triangles, String Theory, Oil Painting, Fine Art, Handmade

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