Tray Landscapes (Bonkei and Bonseki): Tourist Library Vol. 19

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Bonkei is Japanese for "tray landscape". A bonkei is a temporary or permanent three-dimensional depiction of a landscape in miniature, portrayed using mainly dry materials like rock, papier-mâché or cement mixtures, and sand in a shallow tray. Bonseki is the ancient Japanese art of creating miniature landscapes on black trays using white sand, pebbles, and small rocks.

Green boards, no jacket. 3 color plates and black/white images throughout. 193p. 

Author: Soen Yanagisawa.

Title: Tray Landscapes (Bonkei and Bonseki): Tourist Library Vol. 19.

Publisher: Tokyo: Japan Travel Bureau, 1955.

Condition: Unmarked. Stamped Copyright in Japan and Printed in Japan. Good.

Hardcover. (#30422)

Keywords: Japan, Arts and Crafts, Art and Nature, Decorative Arts, Nature, Bonkei, Bonseki, Miniature Landscape, Environmental Design, Sand, Landscape Architecture, Japanese Art, Gardening

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