Minds, Brains and Science (1984 Reith Lectures)

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Searle argues vigorously that the truths of common sense and the truths of science are both right and that the only question is how to fit them together. He explains how we can reconcile an intuitive view of ourselves as conscious, free, rational agents with a universe that science tells us consists of mindless physical particles.

The arguments are set out against the familiar positions in the philosophy of mind, and details the consequences of his ideas for the mind-body problem, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, questions of action and free will, and the philosophy of the social sciences.

References. Index. 107p. 

Author: John Searle.

Title: Minds, Brains and Science (1984 Reith Lectures).

Publisher: Harvard University Press, 1986.

ISBN: 0674576330.

Condition: Unmarked text. A few nicks on cover. Very Good.

Paperback. (#30420)

Keywords: Consciousness, Brain, Mind, Chinese Room, Science, History of Science, Philosophy of Mind, John Searle, Consciousness Debates, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Free Will

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