Andrea del Castagno and His Patrons

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Combining social and art history, Spencer casts new light on both the career of Castagno and on the nature of art patronage in the early Renaissance. Covers individual patrons and organizations as patrons.

Thirty-five black and white illustrations. Notes. Index. 179p.

Andrea del Castagno (1421-1457) was an Italian painter from Florence, influenced chiefly by Tommaso Masaccio and Giotto di Bondone.

Author: John R. Spencer. 

Title: Andrea del Castagno and His Patrons.

Publisher: Duke University Press, 1991.

ISBN: 082231150X. Unmarked text.

Condition: Good. Hardcover. (#28425) 

Keywords: Italian Art, Florentine Art, Early Renaissance, Religious Art, Fresco, European Art, Artists, Art History

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